Willow Wild Cemetery Association, Inc. Rules and Regulations
Updated: July 15, 2017
    1. The Willow Wild Cemetery Association Rules and Regulations are established and enforced so that the memorial park can be maintained to the highest possible standards. Willow Wild Cemetery Association (WWCA or Association) expressly reserves the right to amend, alter or repeal any rule or regulation listed, adopt new rules and regulations, or revoke and replace these rules and regulations, without notice. These Rules and Regulations are adopted by the Board of Directors of the Willow Wild Cemetery Association, and no individual employee, contractor, volunteer, or agent of the Willow Wild Cemetery Association has the right or ability to waive or amend these Rules and Regulations without the Board of Directors' written approval.
    2. Silence in these rules and operating provisions does not equal consent. If you are a lot owner, visitor, contractor, volunteer, personnel, or other entity, contact the service manager well in advance with any question you might have or item you need to have addressed. Please be advised that other than a true emergency, a decision or an answer may not be immediately forthcoming depending on the nature of the matter.
    3. Exceptions and Modifications: The Association reserves the right, without notice, to make exceptions, suspensions, or modifications to any rule or regulation when in its sole judgement it is in the best interest of the memorial park to do so. Such temporary exception, suspension, or modification shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of such rule or regulation. All such permission granted must be in writing and executed by the memorial park's management.
    4. Operating Hours: Willow Wild Cemetery will open for visitors between sunrise and sunset, seven days a week. Persons occupying the park before or after the posted operating hours will be considered trespassers.
    5. Conduct within the Cemetery: Willow Wild is a reverent place. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Pets must be on a leash at all times and must be curbed when necessary. Peddling and soliciting are prohibited. Signs, except those posted by the Cemetery, are prohibited. Visitors who disturb the peace or interfere with the conducting of committal or funeral services will be asked to leave the premises.
    6. Litter and garbage: Neither litter nor trash shall be left on the lots or thrown in the roads. Garbage cans are available.
    7. Any article, act, item, or work performed that interferes with the proper maintenance of the memorial park, causes a safety hazard either for cemetery personnel, bystanders or visitors, or offends the sensibilities of the surrounding lot owners or cemetery visitors will be remediated or removed at the lot owners expense. The Association reserves the right to enter any lot and remove any item or enclosure they determine to be injurious to the immediate locality or prejudicial to the general good appearance of the cemetery as a whole. The Association may remove or prune any trees, shrubs, or other plantings which may obstruct or mar the beauty and effect of the cemetery or may otherwise prove injurious, unsightly, or detrimental.
    8. Right to Re-plat: The Association reserves the right and privilege, at any time, to re- survey, enlarge, diminish, re-plat, alter in shape or size, or otherwise change all or part of the property. The Association also reserves the right to lay out, close, or alter the path of roads, walks, or drives; abandon or lay out easements for installing or maintaining pipelines, conduits, drains or other utilities or for any other purposes; erect mausoleums, columbaria, or other buildings for cemetery purposes; or move, alter, remove, and reuse cemetery features.

    1. This cemetery is set apart for the interment of human corpses and cremated remains.
    2. Interment Rights: A certificate of ownership of interment rights in Willow Wild Cemetery conveys to the owner the exclusive Right of Sepulture (burial) therein and conveys no other interest in the property of the Association. Interment rights are subject to these Rules and Regulations. Right of Sepulture will not be granted to the purchaser until full and final payment has been made according to the sales contract. The purchaser must provide his/her name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and any other contact information as may be deemed necessary by the Association.
    3. Interment Order: In each case of burial, an interment order containing the name, place of birth, mailing address, age, and next of kin of the person to be interred must be filled out by the Service Manager and signed by the next of kin or designated person so an accurate cemetery registry may be maintained.
    4. Transfer of Interment Rights: Interment rights may not be subsequently transferred or sold without the prior consent and registration of the Association. There will be a fee for this service.
    5. Lot Purchases: Lots may be paid in full at time of purchase. A certificate of ownership number will be issued at that time and mailed to the client.
    6. A person interested in purchasing a lot(s) may have it put on hold for a period not exceeding 60 days. At the end of that period, the lot must be paid for in full and a certificate of ownership issued, or a Purchase Agreement must be signed allowing a payment plan, for an agreed upon period, until paid in full. Upon receipt of the final payment, a certificate of ownership will be issued.
    7. Lot purchases must be paid in full before time of burial.
    8. The purchase of the lot does not convey real estate ownership. Lot ownership conveys the right of the party to use the lot for interment in accordance with cemetery policies for such activity.
    9. Lot owners shall not allow interments to be made in their lots for remuneration, nor shall any transfer, or any assignment of any lot, or of any interest therein be valid without the written consent of the Association, to be endorsed on the transfer or assignment.
    10. Purchase for Speculation: Graves are purchased for cemetery/burial purposes only and not for speculation. No rights are conferred to the lot owner other than the right of interment.
    11. Disinterment: No disinterment will be allowed in any lot without a written order submitted to the cemetery by the owner, heir, or court.
    12. Interments: Interments may be scheduled between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., seven days a week excluding holidays. A minimum of 24 hour notice is required prior to the scheduled committal time. Written authorization by the lot owner (or if the lot owner is to be interred, the lot owner's next of kin or agent) will be required to open and close an interment space. Committal services will be scheduled on a "first come" basis. Workload or proximity to a previously scheduled interment may require an interment to be scheduled at a time other than the requested time. Committal services commencing in the park later than 5:00 P.M. are subject to overtime charges as fixed by the cemetery management.
    13. Outer Burial Container Requirements: Interments must be made utilizing a permanent outer burial container constructed of no less than two-inch reinforced concrete, polypropylene or no less than 14 gauge steel. Ground surface vaults are prohibited. This does not apply to cremains.
    14. With written consent (or under direction of the Association), up to three cremated remains may be interred on an adult lot above an existing casket burial. No casket may be interred after burial of cremains on the same lot.
    15. Opening and Closing of Graves: The Association’s designated contractor or personnel will perform the opening and closing of all graves including those for cremains. Payment in full for the opening and closing fee is required in advance of the grave opening. This fee may be paid to the funeral home which will reimburse the cemetery. This fee is not included in any pre-paid funeral plan arranged with the funeral home unless expressly agreed upon in writing by the Association.
    16. Other: All graves over four feet long shall be not less than six feet deep. There will be no interments in walkways.

    1. Monuments, Markers, and Memorials: Memorials/monuments may not be placed on any lot until full and final payment has been made according to the sales contract. The Association, in its sole discretion, may prohibit the installation or require the removal of any memorial that it deems inappropriate either in design, material or workmanship. A wooden or any temporary marker may not be installed in concrete or other permanent material and will be removed in 180 days or when it begins to show signs of deterioration, whichever comes first. Such markers must be no more than 30” in height above the ground. Temporary markers must be removed after six months. Obscenities will not be allowed on any memorial. No monument may be placed without the lot owner’s written authorization, and the written approval of the Association. The Association reserves the right to review a design template prior to approval.
    2. The Association’s designated contractor, personnel, or pre-approved monument company will perform the installation of all memorials. No monument may be placed without a foundational header which has been installed by the Association or approved monument company for a fee to be paid by the lot owner.
    3. Curbing & Monuments: Not all areas of the cemetery are designated for curbing around a lot/plot. Foundational headers are required for any monument installation. All curbing of lots and /or headers for monuments must be procured through the Service Manager. The curbing may consist of a header only or a header with curbing on 3 sides. A form requesting the curbing must be submitted to the Service Manager which will include method of payment. The Service Manager will forward the form to the curbing contractor. The lot owner will be notified as to the date the contractor will be available to install the curbing or foundation header. The owner is free to observe the installation.
    4. The Association is not liable for curbing installation or stone setting. The Service Manager will provide contact information for the contractor to the lot owner. The lot owner must resolve any concerns directly with the contractor.
    5. Lot Markers: Corner markers for ground burial lots may be placed marking the boundaries of lots of four or more adult graves. Corner markers must be six square inches, constructed of granite or bronze, installed at ground level, and must be engraved with no more than three letters. The Association’s designated contractor, personnel, or approved monument company will perform the installation of all corner markers.
    6. All workmen employed in the installation of vaults, enclosing of lots, erection of monuments, etc. must be subject to the control and direction of the Association or its designee. Any workman failing to conform to this regulation will not be permitted afterward to work on the grounds. All workmen must show evidence of being fully insured before being allowed to work on the cemetery grounds. The Association must be listed as an insured entity on said insurance policy.
    7. The cemetery is not liable for monuments that have been damaged or have fallen over due to vandalism or natural causes. Lot owners or persons designated by the family are responsible for having them restored.
    8. Plantings (cemetery-wide): The Association has designed a landscape to be a beautiful and reverent place with healthy, long-lived trees, shrubs, and floral displays. Plantings are generally not allowed.
    9. Plantings on individual lots: Planting is generally discouraged due to long-term maintenance requirements. Lot owners may cultivate approved flowers, shrubs and plants within their lots; however, no tree planting within the lot or border shall be allowed. Neither shall any existing trees be cut down or removed without the prior consent of the Association.
    10. Care and maintenance of any planting shall be the responsibility of the lot owner or designee. The Association assumes no responsibility or liability. Any damage done to the cemetery as a result of the planting will be the responsibility of the owner. The Association reserves the right to charge the lot owner for any necessary repair resulting from planting and the right to remove or trim any plant that interferes with cemetery maintenance or becomes unsightly or damaging.
    11. The cemetery is under no obligation to provide water or watering equipment for planting or any other purpose.
    12. Floral and Other Decorations: Fresh or artificial flowers may be placed in approved containers or appropriately attached to the top of a monument throughout the year. They will be removed after they become unsightly or interfere with cemetery maintenance. Floral arrangements left after an interment will be removed five days following the interment or when they become unsightly or interfere with cemetery maintenance. Holiday wreaths, potted plants, and basket arrangements may be placed prior to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Saint Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Memorial Day and will be removed after the occasion or when they become unsightly or interfere with cemetery maintenance.
    13. Approved Flower Containers: In areas designed for flat ground level monuments, one ground level vase or submersible vase constructed of durable materials such as cast bronze or aluminum may be installed per grave. Vases must be either integral to the monument or installed within six inches of the monument. In areas where above ground monuments are allowed, above ground vases are permitted but must be integral to the monument or installed on the same base as the monument. The Association’s designated contractor, personnel, or approved monument company will perform the installation of all vases. Containers made of glass or ceramics, tin or plastics, wire, rods or brackets and the digging of holes are dangers to cemetery maintenance personnel, contractors, and bystanders and are prohibited.
    14. Flags: No permanent flag installations are permitted. A maximum of two per marker military flag holders or similar flag holder designed to hold a flag no larger than 12” x 18” may be placed adjacent to the monument within the boundary of the lot. The maximum height of the display may not exceed 40”. Flags up to a maximum size of 12” x 18” may be placed in the ground or approved flower vase adjacent to the monument within the boundary of the lot without a flag holder; no more than 2 per monument. Such display may not exceed 35” in height. Flags which are part of a floral arrangement atop a monument or in a funeral spray may remain until any part of the arrangement becomes unsightly or interferes with cemetery maintenance. Only the United States flag, the Texas state flag, or a current US state flag may be displayed and must be in accordance with flag etiquette. Any flag in disrepair or interfering with cemetery maintenance will be removed immediately by the lot owner or by the Association without notice.
    15. Borders, crushed stone, or other improvements are dangers to cemetery maintenance personnel and bystanders and are prohibited. Pin wheels, balloons, non-marker wooden crosses, souvenirs, wind devices, pennants, and other adornments other than electric tea lights or electric candles are prohibited.
    16. Control of Work: All lot owners are ultimately responsible for the mowing and general maintenance of their lots. The Association will provide general cemetery maintenance to the extent that funds allow which may include lot mowing.
    17. All grading, landscape work, plantings, alterations or improvements of any kind, and all maintenance of lots, lawns, shrubs, trees, and features must receive written approval from the Association and may require use of a contractor or personnel designated by the Association. The Association reserves the right to remove, alter and change, at the lot owner's expense, any item or work performed in violation of these rules and regulations.
    18. No enclosure, consisting of a wall or fence of any height or material including shrubbery around any lot, shall be erected.
    19. Benches: With written permission of the cemetery, benches may be placed in memory of individuals in cemetery designated locations. Benches much be placed well within the boundaries of the owner’s plot. They may be engraved with the surname of the individual memorialized. Benches must be constructed of a material, color, style and size pre-approved by the cemetery. The Association’s designated contractor, personnel, designee, or pre-approved monument company will perform the installation of all benches. The Association reserves the right to move or remove any bench it deems to be unsafe or in disrepair without notice.
    20. All earth or rubbish accumulated by owners of lots or their workmen must be carefully removed as soon as possible and deposited where the Association may direct.
    21. Any hazard or concern must be reported to the Service Manager immediately at 903-583-3437.